More About the Book (how to buy, etc)

Buy the book:

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The book can be purchased at any of the above sites. In general you will get a good price at Amazon, but for those of you who want other options all of the links above should work.

For those wishing to hear me talk about the book, I will be speaking at various actuarial conferences in the coming months. At some I will be speaking about topics from the book and at others i will be speaking on technical unrelated matters. In all cases I will be available to discuss the book informally and  there will be books available to purchase, either from me directly or from the conference bookstore.

Specifically, I will be in Minneapolis in late September speaking to the Midwest Pension Conference, I will be in Naples Florida in October for the Conference of Consulting Actuaries annual meeting and then in Honolulu in early November for the International Foundation of Employee Benefits annual conference. I will also be developing some workshops in the near future for groups of individuals that would like to get more hands on training in how to use the concepts in the book to aid in their own financial planning. If you are interested in attending such a workshop please sign up for my mailing list and you will be among the first to hear when/where they will be given

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