Retirement Income Strategies

Retirement is the phase of life where understanding (and dealing with) the confluence of time, risk and money is perhaps most acute. Making informed and sound decisions that balance these three elements can make the difference between a happy and productive “final chapter” and one that is frought with financial hardship, anxiety and dependance. I have spent the last few decades thinking about the financial aspects of retirement, and in this section you will find many of the insights I have come across in my work; some developed by others, and some original research of my own. I believe that there are few more important issues facing our society than the coming demographic inevitability of tens of millions of aging baby-boomers approaching the end of their working careers with limited resources and even more limited knowledge to manage the rest of their economic lives with some degree of ease and sufficiency. Below are some links to research and other documents that discuss some of the most important strategies that should be looked at by anyone who is either retired or about to do so.

Research Paper by the Society of Actuaries on How to Optimize retirment Income

Article by Steve Vernon FSA (one of the authors of the above study) on How to “Pensionize” your IRA or 401(k)

Article by Ken Steiner FSA (also an actuary) About Spending in Retirement

Original Research on Using a Reverse Mortgage to Generate Retirement Income


Also included here are many of the posts I have made over the last 3 years on the subject. As time goes by I will post other useful links here. In the meantime I hope that those of you thinking about retirement will find the above material useful.