For those who have read “What’s Your Future Worth?”, you know that Chess has been a big part of my life since my father taught me the moves at the age of 8 and gave me a short book on openings by a master named Znosko-Borovsky. Since then, if not obsessed, I have played thousands of serious and not so serious games and been part of the tournament chess community for the last 40 years. Despite all the hours of study (I have a huge chess library) and effort I never even attained the level of “expert”. To me this is less a reflection on me than on the beauty, power and depth of the game itself. When time permits, I will add some links to my favorite sites and chess literature, but for now I am just including two links. The first is a short video about my wife and I, all the games we’ve played over the years and how important it has been to our relationship. You can see that here. The second is where I play now. My user name is Yoko5 and there you can see a record of my better games and even challenge me to a game if you join.