Holistic Financial Wellness

Hello and welcome.

Originally,  this website was devoted to my  book – “What’s Your Future Worth?” as well as the ideas and philosophy that gave rise to it. For those of you who came because you heard about the book, there is still plenty of material related to it, so please feel free to poke around,  but I have recently shifted the focus of my research and writing to issues related to a slightly different topic. In particular, I have been thinking about how the actuarial perspective can be applied to better equip the majority of people who struggle with difficult financial choices in their lives.  As a result, most of the new content you see here is related to what I am calling “Holistic Financial Wellness”

Ultimately much of what you see here may end up in  another book,  but for now, most of it will be in the form of blog posts, technical papers for those who want to dig in deep, and links to essays that I will post on other sites. You can get  an overview of what I mean by “Holistic Financial Wellness”  and  how to apply it   here .

In the future there will be much more, so please come back when you can.