Hello and welcome.

With the new year and a few new projects underway I realized that it was time to update and reorganize my website. For those still interested, there is still a section devoted to my first book, “What’s Your Future Worth?” as well as one on my personal philosophy and interests,  but much of the rest is devoted to 3 separate but related areas of exploration. In particular you will find sections on:

  1. Holistic Financial Wellness
  2. Retirement Income Strategies
  3. Stewardship Rights vs Property Rights

Posts that used to be all in the “blog” section have now been redistributed to each of the above sections and future pieces will be posted in the appropriate place. I’ve also tried to make it much easier for readers to comment and provide feedback and engage in dialogue about the issues I raise. Whether you agree or disagree (especially if you disagree) I would love to hear from you.

In the future there will be much more, so please come back when you can.